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V. L. Kalyane
Our team is for open access to scientific and scholarly research communications. 
E-LIS Editor for India
Member Editorial Board 
Journal of Research Practice (JRP),
(ISSN: 1712 851X),
Bhubhaneshwar, Orissa, India
Member Editorial Board 
Indian Journal of Information, Library & Society,
(ISBN 0971-4286, Regd.No.48191/88)
Nua Sahi, P.O. Nayabazar, Cuttack, Orissa, India

Areas of interest:

Apomixis, Apomictic, Obligate apomixis, Facultative apomixis, Polyembryony, Nucellar sacs, Proembryo; Embryo development before fertilization; Embryology; Pennisetum pedicellatum; Hibiscus cannabinus; and Hibiscus sabdariffa


Author Demography; Bibliography; Bibliometrics; Bio-bibliometrics; Biographical Bibliography; Biographical Bibliometrics; Biography; Bradford's Law; Celebrity; Channels of Communication; Community of Scientists; Content Analysis; Documentation; Elite Community; Elite Society; Elites; Expert; History of Science; Innovation Dissemination Strategy; Life-time Achievement; Lotka's Law; Mapping of Science; Micro-bibliometrics; Micro-society of Scientists; Multi-disciplinary Research; Publication Behaviour; Quantitative Analysis; Quantitative Documentation; R & D; Research Practice; Scattering of Publications; Science; Science and Society; Scientist; Scientistometrics; Scientometrics; Social Science; Statistics; and Zipf's Law.


Present contact address:


SIRD, BARC, Mumbai - 400 085, India

E-mail: vkalyane@yahoo.com, vlk@magnum.barc.ernet.in

Phone: Office +(91) 022 2559 0826, Residence +(91) 022 2556 0930


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